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In the timeline of the greatest events in the history of chemistry, Aristotle is credited with a proposal on the use of distillation to desalinate sea water in 350 BCE (Khordagui H.K. - 1999)

He would not have been aware that a small community working on a hill top in East Cleveland over 3000 years earlier were routinely desalinating sea water by thermal evaporation.

This community, identified as being the earliest in Western Europe to engage in commercial salt production also represented the early stage growth of a settled community in our region.


Salt extraction and processing represents the connecting thread of Community , Settlement and Place within Loftus Parish from the early Neolithic period to the present day.


The process of converting Alum shales Into Octahedral salt crystals provided employment , new horizons and hope to many who almost lost it through loss of work and the experience of famine elsewhere. Its principle use as a carrier for wool dye was instrumental in providing significant added value to wool enabling it to become highly desirable in world markets.


The young Geologist , Lewis Hunton , who first identified a reliable indicator of the age of rock strata that contained similar fossil deposits no matter where they appeared has provided insight into geological strata formations throughout the world.


This continuum of strata connects Polyhalite , a multisalt fertiliser , discovered in seams deep underground in Salzburg , Austria by Friedrich Stromeyer in 1818 to seams deep underground Boulby. The extraction and processing of this salt into essential fertiliser for food production world wide will be a major contributor to our community , settlement and place for years to come.


Loftus is currently undergoing a major infrastructural investment through a grant from the Future High Streets Fund. This investment , the first on this scale for over a century , brings about a transformational step forward which will enable residents , visitors and business leaders to advance their visions and reach out to new horizons in a world now adapting to the criteria required to combat climate change.


L.A.W.G. are proud to be a strong supporting partner to the Town and Borough Councils in delivering the scheme and assisting in preparing the way forward for the benefit of all who live , work and visit in Loftus Parish area.



Khordagui H.K. (1999) Desalination. In: Environmental Geology. Encyclopedia of Earth Science. Springer, Dordrecht.

Volunteer for Loftus. Join us in the new community woodland park!
AII you need to bring is sturdy footwear and clothes you can get mucky! There is a range of activities but the main purpose is to develop the woodland for Loftus residents. Come and join us - meeting point Loftus Leisure Centre car park.


2106295_Beyond Housing_Woodland Volunteering Poster_Proof3_.jpg

Wednesday 13th October            Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Thursday 21st October                Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Thursday 27th October                Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Thursday 4th November              Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Wednesday 10th November        Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Thursday 18th November            Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Wednesday 24th November         Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Thursday 2nd December              Mike, Community Woodland     9.30-1pm

Wednesday 8th December           Mike, Community Woodland      9.30-1pm

Thursday 16th December            Mike, Community Woodland      9.30-1pm

Break for Christmas

Thursday 13th January                Mike, Community Woodland      9.30-1pm

interested in becoming a regular volunteer ?
                     Please send your details to
Marshall Best-
Natalie Whitworth- 07577344731
Upcoming activities in the new community woodland park

Come and join us for some woodland activities for all the family !

Every Friday _ 1.15pm                               | Weekly health walk group, meet outside Loftus Town Hall - Marshall B

Thursday 5th August,  10am-12               | Come to your senses - Jo Mead

Tuesday 17th August,  10am-12               |  Magical themed event - Natalie W

Thursday 19th August* 1-4pm                  |  Bio Blitz ( free t shirt ! ) - Natalie W

Tuesday 24th August, meet outside         |  Guided Heritage Walk to an archaeological dig at an early Neolithic site,

Loftus Town Hall for 11am start               |  to receive information from Dr Stephen Sherlock-Marshall Best

Thursday 26th August, meet outside       |  Guided Heritage Walk to Loftus Alum Quarry with Geologist Alan Simkins

Loftus Town Hall, for a 10.30am start      |  4,5 miles- Marshall Best

Saturday 11th September 10.30-12         |  Wild Food Walk - Natalie W

Saturday 11th September 1-2.30pm        |  Wild Food Walk - Natalie W

September                                                   |  Bat Walk - Loftus Town Council

October                  Pumpkin Walk              |  Halloween Weekend

To book onto the activities please contact  Jo Mead, Natalie Whitworth, or Marshall Best

Loftus events on Heritage Open Days Friday 10th September and Saturday 11th September 2021


We are pleased to advise that our 2021 Heritage Open Day events will include


Friday 10th September Loftus Town Hall starting 7.30pm


Update on current investigations at Western Europes earliest commercial salt making processing facility near Street Houses by Dr.S.Sherlock


The exciting revelation of commercial salt processing in the early Neolithic period ushering in the transition from hunter gatherers to a settled economically active community brings many new dimensions to what we now know as Place and Settlement .

This transformation brought food preservation ,production of dairy products and livestock management.


Dr.Sherlock will bring us the latest information to be shared in our community


Saturday 11th September Loftus Town Hall 10am to 12 noon


John Lord , specialist Flint Knapper will demonstrate the ancient art of flint knapping and we will have the opportunity to examine the stones used and replicas of the flint discovered at the early Neolithic site. We shall also be informed of the sources of many of the flint stone found at the site.


Saturday 11th September Loftus Town Hall - depart 1pm



Free guided Walk to early Neolithic site near Street Houses. Dr.Sherlock will meet us on arrival and inform the group of the current understanding of the beginnings of salt processing in Western Europe


Walkers are requested to wear sturdy boots, bring light refreshments and have waterproof clothing if needed.

Loftus Market Place is served by Arriva X4 and 5 buses.
No booking needed ; for more information phone 01287 641000 or e-mail

20211120_110139 Co-op photo.jpeg
Loftus ACORD Walking Group receive £2,129 in funding

Loftus ACCORD Walking Group outside Loftus Co-op, receiving a cheque for £2,129 from the Co-op's Local Good Causes Scheme. The funding will be used towards the local Community Woodland Project, with our partners from Beyond Housing, Groundworks Northeast, Loftus Town Council and Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council.

Loftus Community Woodland Work Task Days

These are the remaining work task dates for the rest of the year, if you would like to help create this community woodland facility, please meet in the top car park at Loftus Leisure Centre, for a 9.30am start, much appreciated.

Thursday 2nd December

Wednesday 8th December

Thursday 16th December

Thursday 13th January

Wednesday 19th January

Thursday 27th January

Wednesday 2nd February

Thursday 10th February

Wednesday 16th February

Thursday 24th February

Wednesday 2nd March

Thursday 10th March

Wednesday 16th March

Thursday 24th March

Wednesday 30th March

Community Tree Planting 14th & 15th March

Dear Friends,

We can now proceed with tree planting on Monday / Tuesday 14th and 15th March . Our meeting point  will be the top car park at Loftus Leisure Centre at 10 am for starting around 10:30 am . The BBC weather forecast  for 14th March is sunny with Temp.significantly  higher at 10 Deg.C . Tuesday is not so good with gusty winds and rain.

There are 426 saplings to plant which include Aspen, Alder Buckthorn, European Spindle , Plum Cherry , Alder, Green Beech (hedge) and Wild Crab Apple. We are grateful to see Alder Buckthorn included. This is the food plant for the Larvae of the Brimstone Butterfly which is making a return along our coast line. The charity , Butterfly Conservation ,  Whitby Naturalists and other habitat conservation groups have been planting Alder Buckthorn along  the coast from Scarborough to Loftus to strengthen this pollination corridor connecting to Cattersty ,Saltburn and beyond.

If you have time available and would like to join us  please wear sturdy shoes or wellies, bring a spade ,garden gloves ,  mallet or light hammer for tapping in the stakes also refreshments  

We look forward to meeting up again